My Low Waste Cooking Series #1: Peanut butter!

Honestly this was the easiest thing I have ever made!

I poured a bunch of peanuts into my food processor and within 2 min I had peanut butter! It tastes just as good, if not better, than store bought and I got to reuse my old peanut butter jar!


Things are Happening

With the recent addition of 2 new roommates things have the potential to worsen in the way of my zero waste trials. One of the roommates, luckily, is my sister. I think she has a goal of reducing her waste as well, so that will be incredibly helpful! The other roommate, our good friend Alan, probably won’t be on the same boat. But you know what? that’s OK, The more I think about it, the more I know it’s not something worth stressing about. To each their own is all I can say, while leading by example.

When we moved into this house I discovered a plastic garbage bin downstairs that’s unused! It’s my lucky day. I’m going to make it into a backyard composter. By drilling some holes in the bottom portion a I can easily roll it around once a week to stir it, and before you know it, I will have compost!

I guess I should learn how to garden now?

Lastly with the addition of our new energy efficient fridge, washer and dryer, as well as LED light bulbs, we are well on our way to becoming and Eco friendly household!

Until next time…

Progress Report #2

I’m sure we all get that feeling where you think you could always do more, or you haven’t done enough to reach your goals yet. Lately I have been feeling this way towards Zero Waste. It seems like no matter how hard I try, there is always still garbage. So I decided to write another progress report to see how far I have come the last few months. You can read my first one here.

The Kitchen

Just this week I have started a backyard compost, Yay! It’s been long overdue, but I can’t wait to see how much less to throw out there is! I know that a good portion of my garbage is food scraps.

Besides the compost my only other improvement that I needed was to cut down on my recycling. So far I haven’t noticed a change, but I haven’t kept track either. I plan on making a recycling station soon, so that I can attempt to reuse items for crafts and storage, before sending them straight to the recycling bin. then I also know what I need to cut down on as well.

The Bathroom

I continue to buy recycled toilet paper, until the day comes where I can purchase some without being wrapped in plastic, or I can instal a fully functioning butt spray. we have one in this house, but it dosen’t work. The idea of a washable wet wipe of sorts has crossed my mind, but I’m not sure if everyone else in the house would be up for it.

I have started making my own deodorant now, and am still trying to use up my current makeup.

There are still a few items that I would like to make my bathroom completely waste free and that would be a wooden hairbrush and a solution to hair elastics.

Electricity and Water

I try to keep my showers under 5 min, and rarely take baths.

I try and only do 1 load of laundry a week.

I dry to wash dishes by hand rather than in the dishwasher.

I have been getting in the habit of unplugging whenever possible.

We switched to all LED light bulbs, and so far everyone has been good about keeping the lights off when there is daylight, or the room is not in use.

Everywhere Else!

Due to being broke more so than being strong willed about my Zero waste life, I have managed to improve on my others list of ways to improve on. I haven’t had the funds to buy unnecessary items and junk, or new books or clothes. We also don’t go out to eat very often if at all, so I don’t have to worry about plastic straws and to go containers.

Lastly I have started a battery recycling container! and I discovered that best buy has an electronics recycling station! You can drop off old remotes, controllers, batteries, cell phones, smart phones and cords!

My last downfall is if I go to the grocery store while hungry, I always end up buying a donut from the bakery, or a bag of chips or something!


To conclude, I would say I am at about 90% Zero waste at the moment, and once I have my recycling station set up, and I have found a way of cutting down those last few packaged items, I will start to monitor my trash by keeping it in a jar!

Any suggestions on ways to improve?



Toothpaste/Deodorant Combo

Recently I found my commercial deodorant to be completely useless. It neither kept me from sweating or smelling. I was trying to use the rest up so I wouldn’t waste it, but enough is enough!

I have been searching for a while now and most of the recipes for homemade deodorant include baking soda and coconut oil, both of which my toothpaste is made from. So I decided to try out the combination I already had, in the form of my toothpaste, and it worked!

So lo and behold, here we are a week later, with minimal to no smell. mild sweating, mainly because I haven’t been active. I didn’t find I needed a detox stage. most people seem to need a week or 2 for their previous deodorant to purge itself from the body before something else started working.I will keep you guys updated on details if it stops working or I find something better. For now though, my bathroom routine just got 1 bottle smaller!



Stem Cell Research

Recently I have decided to become a stem cell donor! It’s pretty exciting stuff! If I am a match for someone I can potentially save lives!

The best part? It’s free and simple! following this link, you take a simple quiz to make sure you can donate, and then you sign up!. They will send you a package with 4 swabs that you rub on the insides of your cheek, then you mail it back with the envelope (with postage included!) that’s provided. It does create a little bit of waste, but it’s only paper so it’s easy to recycle/compost.



My Shitty Iphone


My Phone, the Iphone 4S, (yes, I know it’s old), Is getting to be a nuisance. It’s about 3 years old, I have replaced the screen about 3 times,it can hardly hold a battery charge, and its responding slowly. But I will keep it until it completely dies on me! You know why?

For 2 reasons. 1: I am cheap. 2: It’s a waste of money. These things are ridiculously overpriced and way too delicate!They practically make them just to break once the new one comes out, and for for what? So people think I have money or the best things? I could care less about either. Not to mention it’s not easy to recycle or reuse.

So I will stick with my shitty phone until it dies, and enjoy more time away from it’s failing responses. It will save me the frustration of having it die while I need it most and hopefully live a fuller life, unglued from the screen.

Let me know how you guys stay connected! Do you know any places that recycle electronics?

New Blog!

Hey everyone, now that I am getting more into this whole blogging thing, I decided to make a better blog, so introducing An Eco Way!

I am going to start putting more care into my posts in the way of writing and photos. Look forward to posts about transitioning to a zero or less waste life style, the occasional vegan post, and possibly a video series in the future!

Can’t wait to get this under way!