Long overdue update

Hey guys! I know its been a while since I have posted anything, life has been a little crazy lately with getting laid off from work, finding a new job and buying a house, then breaking up with my boyfriend. Things are a little crazy but starting to get back to normal! Now i’m starting over by living with my sister in our new apartment, and I am about to start my first year of carpentry schooling!

Now about the zero waste portion of my life, I haven’t really progressed any further, but I haven’t gone backwards either. I’m still struggling to get rid of some food packaging mainly from things like chips and other snack foods that I don’t have time to try and hand make, as well as specialty items like the occasional tub of sour cream or tofu or something like that. I still continue to buy groceries mainly from the bulk and produce isles whenever possible and am still making about 90% of my own products. Between my sister and myself we only throw out 1 medium sized bag of garbage a week, mainly because we can’t compost in our apartment and the cat litter starts to stink the place up really bad if we leave it to long.

Lastly I would like to inform you all of my upcoming idea! I have recently decided to start making my own clothing! all the pieces will be natural fibers and organic. While this isn’t necessarily the most zero waste idea, it will certainly be more Eco friendly! If there is anything I can’t make I will resort to second hand shopping, but I am saying no more to retail stores! So stay tuned in the next few months to a year for some beautiful clothing ideas and pictures!