10 steps to lessening your waste video

Hey guys, my sister invited me onto her youtube channel to talk about zero waste ideas. so here it is! 10 ideas to help you lessen your waste! also feel free to subscribe to her channel if you want 🙂


The Awesomeness of Lush

This is not a sponsored post.

Recently I ran out of my shampoo bar so I had to order another one. I have to buy things online since there is no store here, which is always a struggle because of excess packaging.

So when my packaged arrived I was dismayed at the styrofoam peanuts filling the box. I went to the lush website to email them with a complaint when lo and behold, I came across this article on their main page!

Finally one of the bigger companies is getting the right idea! They are also great because the are against animal testing and even have vegan products, as well as recyclable options for all their packaged goods!

Great experience in my opinion 🙂