As close at it can get!

this week’s grocery haul is probably the closest I have ever come to zero waste! I even had a road trip that I did really well on.

the first picture is my main grocery haul, the only trash will be 2 ties from the spinach bundles, the tag from the pineapple and produce stickers. I will be making homemade tortilla chips and naan bread to complete the week. 7 tin cans and 1 glass container of yeast (which will take a while to use) will go into the recycling after use. I will also be using up some stuff already in the pantry, mainly some dried lentils and a can of diced tomatoes.

The second picture is the haul from my road trip. 2 energy bars (only because I didn’t know what I might be able to eat at the event being vegan) and a vitamin water and small bag of chips. Besides some uncomplicated fruit an a couple pb and J packets from the breakfast bar, that’s all I created over the weekend! Pretty successful if I do say so myself!

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