My Low Waste Cooking Series #3: Lentil Chili

Lentil-Chili-5-200x300(picture from the link)

This next portion of my low waste cooking series was yet another recipe I found on pinterest! although the recipe itself wasn’t zero waste, I was able to make it so.

Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures, but it tasted great and looked exactly like the picture in the link above.

To make it zero waste, I used fresh tomatoes and cooked them down a bit in a pot before hand with a little extra water. I also had brown lentils from the bulk section and all the spices were from the bulk area as well.

The only garbage left was the wrapper from the bouillon cube I had.


As close at it can get!

this week’s grocery haul is probably the closest I have ever come to zero waste! I even had a road trip that I did really well on.

the first picture is my main grocery haul, the only trash will be 2 ties from the spinach bundles, the tag from the pineapple and produce stickers. I will be making homemade tortilla chips and naan bread to complete the week. 7 tin cans and 1 glass container of yeast (which will take a while to use) will go into the recycling after use. I will also be using up some stuff already in the pantry, mainly some dried lentils and a can of diced tomatoes.

The second picture is the haul from my road trip. 2 energy bars (only because I didn’t know what I might be able to eat at the event being vegan) and a vitamin water and small bag of chips. Besides some uncomplicated fruit an a couple pb and J packets from the breakfast bar, that’s all I created over the weekend! Pretty successful if I do say so myself!

3 months to myself

My boyfriend is now taking his final course for his electrical apprenticeship! Although he is in a different town, I’m going to make the most of it. I have 3 months to myself, And I am going to really get into the zero waste and try to cut down more if not totally reduce my waste. It will be easier to buy things without packaging since I don’t have to consider anyone else’s wants.

Most, if not all, my waste is from food packaging right now. I know that I will have to make switches like tofu for beans (which I can buy from bulk) or make something from scratch instead of buying it pre made.

This week, I didn’t do as well as I had hoped, I had the following packages: vegan cream cheese and cheese packs (making homemade spinach dip), as well as the strawberries container, the shrink wrap from the cucumber and three ties from the spinach. The jar from the pickles, paper from the French bread (which can be composted) and lastly the produce stickers!
Eventually I would like to make my own pickles, but it isn’t feasible right now. The cream cheese, strawberries and cucumber packs are things that can’t be avoided, but I don’t buy very often anyways.

So after (a long overdue) house cleaning, I finally have all my junk and old papers lying around, in order or thrown into the compost. I also took another small load to the Salvation Army. Now I shouldn’t have to throw out anything anything else.

So I would say this week so far has been a success! Slowly but surely my piles of random stuff that I no longer need or want is dwindling!