Progress Report #2

I’m sure we all get that feeling where you think you could always do more, or you haven’t done enough to reach your goals yet. Lately I have been feeling this way towards Zero Waste. It seems like no matter how hard I try, there is always still garbage. So I decided to write another progress report to see how far I have come the last few months. You can read my first one here.

The Kitchen

Just this week I have started a backyard compost, Yay! It’s been long overdue, but I can’t wait to see how much less to throw out there is! I know that a good portion of my garbage is food scraps.

Besides the compost my only other improvement that I needed was to cut down on my recycling. So far I haven’t noticed a change, but I haven’t kept track either. I plan on making a recycling station soon, so that I can attempt to reuse items for crafts and storage, before sending them straight to the recycling bin. then I also know what I need to cut down on as well.

The Bathroom

I continue to buy recycled toilet paper, until the day comes where I can purchase some without being wrapped in plastic, or I can instal a fully functioning butt spray. we have one in this house, but it dosen’t work. The idea of a washable wet wipe of sorts has crossed my mind, but I’m not sure if everyone else in the house would be up for it.

I have started making my own deodorant now, and am still trying to use up my current makeup.

There are still a few items that I would like to make my bathroom completely waste free and that would be a wooden hairbrush and a solution to hair elastics.

Electricity and Water

I try to keep my showers under 5 min, and rarely take baths.

I try and only do 1 load of laundry a week.

I dry to wash dishes by hand rather than in the dishwasher.

I have been getting in the habit of unplugging whenever possible.

We switched to all LED light bulbs, and so far everyone has been good about keeping the lights off when there is daylight, or the room is not in use.

Everywhere Else!

Due to being broke more so than being strong willed about my Zero waste life, I have managed to improve on my others list of ways to improve on. I haven’t had the funds to buy unnecessary items and junk, or new books or clothes. We also don’t go out to eat very often if at all, so I don’t have to worry about plastic straws and to go containers.

Lastly I have started a battery recycling container! and I discovered that best buy has an electronics recycling station! You can drop off old remotes, controllers, batteries, cell phones, smart phones and cords!

My last downfall is if I go to the grocery store while hungry, I always end up buying a donut from the bakery, or a bag of chips or something!


To conclude, I would say I am at about 90% Zero waste at the moment, and once I have my recycling station set up, and I have found a way of cutting down those last few packaged items, I will start to monitor my trash by keeping it in a jar!

Any suggestions on ways to improve?




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