Toothpaste/Deodorant Combo

Recently I found my commercial deodorant to be completely useless. It neither kept me from sweating or smelling. I was trying to use the rest up so I wouldn’t waste it, but enough is enough!

I have been searching for a while now and most of the recipes for homemade deodorant include baking soda and coconut oil, both of which my toothpaste is made from. So I decided to try out the combination I already had, in the form of my toothpaste, and it worked!

So lo and behold, here we are a week later, with minimal to no smell. mild sweating, mainly because I haven’t been active. I didn’t find I needed a detox stage. most people seem to need a week or 2 for their previous deodorant to purge itself from the body before something else started working.I will keep you guys updated on details if it stops working or I find something better. For now though, my bathroom routine just got 1 bottle smaller!




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