My Shitty Iphone


My Phone, the Iphone 4S, (yes, I know it’s old), Is getting to be a nuisance. It’s about 3 years old, I have replaced the screen about 3 times,it can hardly hold a battery charge, and its responding slowly. But I will keep it until it completely dies on me! You know why?

For 2 reasons. 1: I am cheap. 2: It’s a waste of money. These things are ridiculously overpriced and way too delicate!They practically make them just to break once the new one comes out, and for for what? So people think I have money or the best things? I could care less about either. Not to mention it’s not easy to recycle or reuse.

So I will stick with my shitty phone until it dies, and enjoy more time away from it’s failing responses. It will save me the frustration of having it die while I need it most and hopefully live a fuller life, unglued from the screen.

Let me know how you guys stay connected! Do you know any places that recycle electronics?


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