Planning for the house warming party

When buying a house, having a house warming party is a must! at least in my world it is! So how can I make it less/zero waste?


Although it isn’t an ideal solution I can buy plastic cups and wash them after every party, because I won’t have enough glasses to go around, and with a bunch of drunk people they will end up getting smashed I’m sure, and you can’t really use them for beer pong or flip cup (staple games at almost every party).

I will look into getting heavier duty ones that will last a long time and can be reused.

Recycle all bottles and cans (as if I don’t already).


Next we have the food! I got a bunch of baking from the mother in law over Christmas, so what we have left I will use. We have 2 chocolate zucchini loafs and some other sort of loaf that would be perfect.

Next I will try making this! its both vegan and healthier.

For something salty I am going to make a batch of the black bean torta filling from thug kitchen, it makes and excellent bean dip. I will add guacamole and vegan sour cream to the top with some green onions and serve it with chips.

Lastly another salty snack. homemade hummus and crackers! This is my favorite cracker recipe so far.


None! who needs them? besides, how do you decorate for a house warming?


Napkins and straws are also a no, If anyone asks for them I will lend them one of my bamboo reusable paper towels, or metal straws.

Does anyone else have any suggestions or tips?


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