Back in buisness

2 weeks have gone by since I sat at this computer. Where do I even begin? so much has happened in that short time both good and bad for zero waste/vegan.

First off the road trip down to see the family. I was sufficiently unprepared to do this in a zero waste fashion. although I didn’t create as much waste as I thought I would have. Maybe it’s because we drove overnight so didn’t feel the need to stop for food. a few chocolate bar wrappers and drink cans and that’s all.

Second. Opening presents with my side of the family was amazing!! My parents (even though we said no gifts, had already bought some things) sewed a whole bunch of reusable fabric gift bags! my brother tried his best as well and wrapped our gifts in newspaper, although he used a but load of tape haha! (small victories).

Third. Now this one is not so good. Opening gifts with the in laws, again I said no gifts except for the food processor I had asked for. Yet there we are on Christmas morning with a “Santa Sack” basically a pillowcase sized stocking, each gift individually wrapped with wrapping paper and tape, and worst of all it was all plastic bottles of toiletries which I don’t use, pajamas, which I don’t wear or already have a pair, or perfume, which again, I don’t use or like. But never the less I kept my mouth shut, thanked her for the gifts, and decided to donate most if not all of it to the woman’s shelter once I got home. Next year thankfully I will be having Christmas at my home.

Fourth. I basically had to be vegetarian instead of vegan, unless I wanted to starve (only slightly exaggerated). The families did their best which I greatly appreciate, And it wasn’t all bad, but I am glad to be back in the new year and back on track with the diet and excersize.

Fifth. More goods news. My boyfriend decided to try vegan for at least a month in the new year! so starting January first, we got a copy of thug kitchen and so far so good!! here’s hoping he will stay with it after the month!

Well that’s pretty much everything, our mortgage is all lined up and we move in on the 14th!!!

Oh! last thing, My resolution! once I move into the new house I want to start a better morning routine, these days I set my alarm, hit snooze once or twice, play on my phone for about 10-15 min, then slowly drag my body out of bed to get ready for the day, which takes all of about 10 min, then I crawl back in and watch supernatural until I have to leave.

No more!!! once i’m all moved in, I plan to get up, drink a small glass of warm water with honey lemon and cinnamon, do some yoga stretches, make breakfast and drink a large cold glass of mint/lemon/cucumber water, then get dressed/ready for the day. Possibly once it gets lighter outside (sunrise is 8:00 am right now) I will starting running/weight training in the AM as well.


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