My Shitty Iphone


My Phone, the Iphone 4S, (yes, I know it’s old), Is getting to be a nuisance. It’s about 3 years old, I have replaced the screen about 3 times,it can hardly hold a battery charge, and its responding slowly. But I will keep it until it completely dies on me! You know why?

For 2 reasons. 1: I am cheap. 2: It’s a waste of money. These things are ridiculously overpriced and way too delicate!They practically make them just to break once the new one comes out, and for for what? So people think I have money or the best things? I could care less about either. Not to mention it’s not easy to recycle or reuse.

So I will stick with my shitty phone until it dies, and enjoy more time away from it’s failing responses. It will save me the frustration of having it die while I need it most and hopefully live a fuller life, unglued from the screen.

Let me know how you guys stay connected! Do you know any places that recycle electronics?


New Blog!

Hey everyone, now that I am getting more into this whole blogging thing, I decided to make a better blog, so introducing An Eco Way!

I am going to start putting more care into my posts in the way of writing and photos. Look forward to posts about transitioning to a zero or less waste life style, the occasional vegan post, and possibly a video series in the future!

Can’t wait to get this under way!

Cutting back

These last couple weeks have taught me a lot about how much money people spend on a regular basis. I have cut my budget down as far as it can go, and I am realizing the amount of things, mostly unnecessary, that I used to pay for.

The town I live in is largely based on the oil field and the oil prices since that is where the majority of the work here comes from. Since the price of oil has been down for a while now, and constantly lowering still, the town is slowly dying off it seems. Thousands of people are being laid off, big companies are being shutdown/bought out, and the everyday jobs like retail and restaurant workers are being taken up when normally they couldn’t find enough employees. Now with Alex being laid off, and both of our roommates looking for work, things are starting to get stressful now that we have a mortgage to pay for.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. reducing the budget as far as I can. I have cut every corner I can for the time being. there are a few things still we can reduce on, like our jeep. we have the payments, gas and insurance to think about.

Next we have little things like my phone, I don’t think Alex would go for it, but I have been thinking about getting rid of my phone plan, I just reduced it so it will be $40/m, but I can just use it for internet at home. Most of my friends can get me on Facebook, or call Alex.

Next up is the gym membership, I could be paying up to $90 bucks a month unless I sign up for the year membership, which brings it down to $60. My year expires in march, So I think I will try committing to running outside, and doing body weight exercises and yoga at home whenever I can. I have always had trouble with this since I get lazy and decide to lay on the couch and watch TV instead. I always find a way to talk my self out of it.

Next is paying off my debt to reduce fees. I pay probably 100 bucks in interest and bank fees every month. once I pay my credit card off that will help, then once my line of credit gets paid off I can shut it down and it will go away forever (keeping the credit card, for a couple things that need it, and travel).

I also plan to cut down my grocery bill wherever I can. It is already cheaper, being vegan we don’t have the high costs of meat. I just have to try and plan meals that I already have ingredients for at home, or can buy for really cheap. I hate when recipes call for some specific item that is expensive or you have to by a large amount, and then never use again.

Going through all my bills really makes me think about the crazy amounts of things people pay for, and the actual amount they pay towards them, things like entertainment, eating out, shopping, products, gadgets, more than 1 vehicle, children! the list is endless, and yet it is still difficult to make ends meet. to think I used to be one of those people, I would never have gotten anywhere if I didn’t switch my ways.

The last way I am going to be saving money is, energy saving Appliances. We need a new washer and are going to by an energy star one. I am going to make the effort to hang dry everything, we have low flowing shower heads and taps, soon we will be installing a programmable thermostat so we can time it while we are not there, I am going to try and make more recipes that don’t involve the stove/oven, and lastly we would love to install solar panels on our roof!

Being Zero waste, or striving towards it, I now no longer pay for many specifically single uses items and things that others spend too much on:

Toiletries like toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner. (except TP)

Beauty products

Paper towels, saran wrap, tinfoil etc

Clothes and jewelry (I plan on making everything I need, when I need it.)

Within the year I hopefully wont have debt to pay off either!

Gadgets (I can’t speak for Alex, but i no longer feel the need to purchase specialty items and random objects, with a few exceptions of course)

Although these all seem like little things, they add up over time, and it’s a couple things less I have to worry about.


Waste Free Homemade Vegetable Broth

For about 2 weeks, we have been keeping our veggie scraps so we could try making our own vegetable broth. Yesterday we finally had enough to make a big batch.

We had carrot greens and the ends of carrots. onion peels and ends, I think a couple tomato ends as well, and maybe a few other things, but that’s mostly it!

Using the instructions from Thug Kitchen cookbook, it turned out quite successfully! We made about 1 L of broth.


New Year, New House…New ME?

Today is the first day of getting back into the routine of life. Its about 2 weeks late from when most people do because of the new year, but there is a reason for that! I was waiting until we got moved into the new house! no use starting something when your whole life gets crazy and put on hold for a week!

Over the weekend we finally moved in! Me and Alex spent the whole weekend unpackaging and getting things organized.

So this gloriously cold Monday morning, I am(finally) starting on my new years resolutions, getting back into my routines or improving them in general. I have always heard the best way to wake up is to have a kick-ass morning routine. Part of my resolution was to fix mine. (the old one consisted of hitting the snooze button 4 times, crawling out of bed after looking at my phone for 15 min, the hastily eating breakfast and getting ready for work.)

No more I tell you!

Today I woke up at 5 am (ugh, I know!) I strategically placed my phone across the room so I had to get up. I then made my smoothie for pre workout fuel while the car warmed up. Went to the gym for a 30 min cardio session. I came home and got breakfast started (hash browns with onion and tofu!) and jumped in the shower while it cooked. I was then able to relax for another hour or so with breakfast and a cup of tea. Lastly I got ready for work and left!

That was my main resolution this year. I don’t usually make any, but this year I had so many new aspects in my life that were in need of improvement that I figured the new year would be a great time.

Some of the other things I will work on are:

Cleaning as I go (I hate taking so much time out of my weekend to clean the whole house)

Cutting down on packaging (we will inevitably produce more because we will have 2 renters living with us and sharing the kitchen)

Start composting.

Work on hobby’s instead of, or while I watch TV. (Sewing, Fencing, Other crafts)

I also would like to try more (vegan) baking. Now that I actually have a functional kitchen!


Planning for the house warming party

When buying a house, having a house warming party is a must! at least in my world it is! So how can I make it less/zero waste?


Although it isn’t an ideal solution I can buy plastic cups and wash them after every party, because I won’t have enough glasses to go around, and with a bunch of drunk people they will end up getting smashed I’m sure, and you can’t really use them for beer pong or flip cup (staple games at almost every party).

I will look into getting heavier duty ones that will last a long time and can be reused.

Recycle all bottles and cans (as if I don’t already).


Next we have the food! I got a bunch of baking from the mother in law over Christmas, so what we have left I will use. We have 2 chocolate zucchini loafs and some other sort of loaf that would be perfect.

Next I will try making this! its both vegan and healthier.

For something salty I am going to make a batch of the black bean torta filling from thug kitchen, it makes and excellent bean dip. I will add guacamole and vegan sour cream to the top with some green onions and serve it with chips.

Lastly another salty snack. homemade hummus and crackers! This is my favorite cracker recipe so far.


None! who needs them? besides, how do you decorate for a house warming?


Napkins and straws are also a no, If anyone asks for them I will lend them one of my bamboo reusable paper towels, or metal straws.

Does anyone else have any suggestions or tips?

Back in buisness

2 weeks have gone by since I sat at this computer. Where do I even begin? so much has happened in that short time both good and bad for zero waste/vegan.

First off the road trip down to see the family. I was sufficiently unprepared to do this in a zero waste fashion. although I didn’t create as much waste as I thought I would have. Maybe it’s because we drove overnight so didn’t feel the need to stop for food. a few chocolate bar wrappers and drink cans and that’s all.

Second. Opening presents with my side of the family was amazing!! My parents (even though we said no gifts, had already bought some things) sewed a whole bunch of reusable fabric gift bags! my brother tried his best as well and wrapped our gifts in newspaper, although he used a but load of tape haha! (small victories).

Third. Now this one is not so good. Opening gifts with the in laws, again I said no gifts except for the food processor I had asked for. Yet there we are on Christmas morning with a “Santa Sack” basically a pillowcase sized stocking, each gift individually wrapped with wrapping paper and tape, and worst of all it was all plastic bottles of toiletries which I don’t use, pajamas, which I don’t wear or already have a pair, or perfume, which again, I don’t use or like. But never the less I kept my mouth shut, thanked her for the gifts, and decided to donate most if not all of it to the woman’s shelter once I got home. Next year thankfully I will be having Christmas at my home.

Fourth. I basically had to be vegetarian instead of vegan, unless I wanted to starve (only slightly exaggerated). The families did their best which I greatly appreciate, And it wasn’t all bad, but I am glad to be back in the new year and back on track with the diet and excersize.

Fifth. More goods news. My boyfriend decided to try vegan for at least a month in the new year! so starting January first, we got a copy of thug kitchen and so far so good!! here’s hoping he will stay with it after the month!

Well that’s pretty much everything, our mortgage is all lined up and we move in on the 14th!!!

Oh! last thing, My resolution! once I move into the new house I want to start a better morning routine, these days I set my alarm, hit snooze once or twice, play on my phone for about 10-15 min, then slowly drag my body out of bed to get ready for the day, which takes all of about 10 min, then I crawl back in and watch supernatural until I have to leave.

No more!!! once i’m all moved in, I plan to get up, drink a small glass of warm water with honey lemon and cinnamon, do some yoga stretches, make breakfast and drink a large cold glass of mint/lemon/cucumber water, then get dressed/ready for the day. Possibly once it gets lighter outside (sunrise is 8:00 am right now) I will starting running/weight training in the AM as well.