Change is in the Air!

Is it just me or have things been changing a lot lately? Like more than usual and faster? Especially after the Paris Climate Summit, I keep seeing more Articles about veganism and reducing waste/pollution and investing in cleaner, renewable energy. It’s hard to express how amazing it feels to see more and more people get excited and start to change their ways for the better. It really makes me think about how great the future of this planet can be!

Just imagine a world with no landfills, clean oceans, no oils spills, no global warming/pollution, no deforestation, no more extinction of animals, no melting ice caps, even world hunger can be greatly reduced!

All from what I feel are 2 of our main solutions in this world, maybe there are more that are just as easy, but for now these 2 are fantastic! Zero Waste and Vegan. Both are such simple, easy and manageable solutions for anyone, no matter where you live! Can you see the future like I can? It may not happen while I am still alive, but hopefully I can at least start a “pay it forward” kind of Idea. If I can inspire at least 1 person, that will be enough.

Together we can be the change this world needs!

Check out this Awesome Article 🙂

And this Video!



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