Eco Friendly Moving

As some of you may know, the boyfriend and I have recently bought our first home!! yay!! so exciting! now comes the fun part…Moving!

I used to love packing because it gave me a chance to organize and go through all my old stuff. After the last 2 years of moving (we have moved 5 times! only once in the same town. the other 4 to different towns) I am excited to say this should be the last time for a long time!!

Well the challenge for this one it to limit the amount of waste and packaging I use to move things from A to B. To start since we moved so much lately we have an abundance of blue plastic totes. Which will also come in handy for storing winter items and such.

Like this.

Those help cut down on a ton of boxes, Although they seem to get filled up fairly quickly. Next I grabbed some boxes from work, since they were just sitting there waiting to be recycled anyways.

Packing materials. The dreaded static Styrofoam peanut. Not my idea of a good time, and as much fun as bubble wrap is, it get expensive to purchase enough for all your delicate items. Normally I don’t even bother with things like that or the extras like plate protectors and all that fancy stuff. This time I’m not even going to use tape! I plan to use All of my clothes and towels and what not for packing materials. Since we are only moving about 10 blocks away, Things wont need to be as secure. With the help of our awesome friends we might not even need a U haul! I’m not sure if it would be more Eco friendly for a couple smaller trucks or 1 bigger truck to run, but I know it will save us money in the end!

So far since packing started I have also gotten another blue bin overflowing with things for donations! It seems crazy that we still have so much stuff hanging around that I can give up (even though the boyfriend thinks we should keep things “just in case!”). One day I will be rid of junk I swear! Now how do I get the boyfriend to do the same? Unfortunately its mostly his stuff now, that I can’t get rid of. He has agreed to go through it all but I doubt he will throw out much of it. 1 things I do know that will be hard if not impossible to throw/donate. The pack and play crib for my step daughter, It is somehow broken and can’t fold down. It can barely fit through doorways. It’s going to be tricky for sure, I don’t know if anyone will want it since it cant be easily packed up. Any suggestions?

Change is in the Air!

Is it just me or have things been changing a lot lately? Like more than usual and faster? Especially after the Paris Climate Summit, I keep seeing more Articles about veganism and reducing waste/pollution and investing in cleaner, renewable energy. It’s hard to express how amazing it feels to see more and more people get excited and start to change their ways for the better. It really makes me think about how great the future of this planet can be!

Just imagine a world with no landfills, clean oceans, no oils spills, no global warming/pollution, no deforestation, no more extinction of animals, no melting ice caps, even world hunger can be greatly reduced!

All from what I feel are 2 of our main solutions in this world, maybe there are more that are just as easy, but for now these 2 are fantastic! Zero Waste and Vegan. Both are such simple, easy and manageable solutions for anyone, no matter where you live! Can you see the future like I can? It may not happen while I am still alive, but hopefully I can at least start a “pay it forward” kind of Idea. If I can inspire at least 1 person, that will be enough.

Together we can be the change this world needs!

Check out this Awesome Article 🙂

And this Video!


A Mortgage for Christmas

I finally feel like an adult! oh..wait. I’m not sure sure that is always a good thing. With growing up your get stuck with a ton of responsibility and chores, and wishes of going back to when things were easy! Then there are other times (like yesterday for me), when you get excited about those responsibilities. My boyfriend and I got the news that we are pre-approved for a mortgage! Since we already have the house picked out(a friend is selling theirs) it should be smooth sailing from there!

After living in a basement suite for the past year, and other various ones for the past 2 years or so, We cannot express how excited we are to be finally moving forward in our lives and to be able to live above ground! It gets a bit depressing and does not make for a happy life, especially a green lifestyle, when you have only 4 barley there windows, and 2 are usually covered by porches and what not. The lack of sunlight is killing me, and it is impossible to grow or keep any sort of plants alive for more than a few days.

So in the new year I look forward to a new better, cleaner lifestyle! I look forward to growing plants, having a yard to call my own and a composter, Being able to decorate and paint things the way that I want them to be. I will also have room for a more organized recycling center! I think I will also dabble into the Herbal remedies and such.

Mostly I am excited for a proper kitchen though, the last year we have been living in an unfinished basement suite. While the rent is cheap it lacks in other aspects. The kitchen comprises of plywood counter tops(impossible to properly clean up spills), bottom cupboards with no doors (keeps everything looking dirty), and no top cupboards (our counter tops are covered with things) and lastly a concrete floor covered in paint smudges and caulking and such (again it always looks dirty).

So, while 2015 was a decent year full of unexpected happenings, I can say that 2016 will be even better and possibly more challenging, while we adjust to a homeowners lifestyle!