5 easy steps to Becoming Vegan and sticking to it.

Normally I try to stick to Zero waste posts, but I haven’t had anything new to post lately and I am finging Veganism to be extremely important in my life, so I wanted to share some of it with you. The Following steps have helped my to stick to my Veganism.

I started being a vegan because of my zero waste lifestyle since I couldn’t find unpackaged meat, cheese and milk. I then realized how much I actually disliked the taste of those products any ways. The only thing that kept me from fully becoming vegan was thinking I would never get to eat certain foods again, Pizza, Cheesecake, Etc. I then educated my self on Veganism and why its a great thing to do, not only for your health but for the Environment as well. So I have prepared the Following steps to help anyone who is interested in Becoming Vegan, Learning about it or just want to cut down on meat consumption.

1. Plan your food ahead of time.

This one is big, If you have to plan last minute on what to eat, you will most likely Default to what you already know, instead of trying something new. It also Helps save time and money when heading to the grocery store. Even for your regular meals this is a great option.

2. Educated your self.

Be it Documentaries, books or a friendly conversation with another Vegan. I found this step really helpful to really stick to it. Seeing what goes on in the places your meat and animal products come from, is an awful thing to see, but it really solidifies why your are doing this, or gives you another good reason for doing it. The following documentaries I found helpful:


101 reasons to go Vegan

There are a ton of other ones but I haven’t had a chance to watch yet. Most are on Netflix or YouTube. these are some of the more popular ones.

Proteinaholic (book)




3. Do your research.

Look up recipes and try to make some of your current regular meals into a vegan option, Weather it be swapping for Vegetarian, or swapping beans for meat, or using fake meat, Or using vegan cheese instead of dairy cheese. Any swap can make a difference and make it easier.

The more you plan ahead the easier it gets. Find out how to make a vegan version of all your favorite things like Cream cheese, Cheesecake, Pulled pork, Whatever it might be, there is usually another option.

Research Options at your favorite restaurants in town, or find Vegan friendly restaurants in town (I know Panago Pizza has Daiya Cheese!!!!).

4. Thinking about the Process.

How did that chicken breast come to be on your plate? the chicken Grew up in what conditions before being Slaughtered? (sorry to be gruesome but it happens). This is a lot more helpful once you have done some research and seen where it comes from and how it happens.

I find this one very helpful when your get the occasional craving  for bacon or think it would be easier just to get burger and not worry about it.

5. Remember the Benefits

The Environmental, and Cruelty free benefits from becoming Vegan are fantastic and there are a few others as well. Zero waste packaging is a lot easier, since most veggies and fruit come without much packaging, as well as bulk ingredients.

The Health Benefits from Veganism are fantastic as well! Lower risk for heart disease and conditions! A significant Difference actually. Lower risk for Cancer, Extremely low Cholesterol, Increased Energy, Diminishes Existing Health problems (not a guarantee but I have heard of a lot of people that this happened to). None of these are guarantees, As long as you still maintain a varied balanced diet you will be fine!

Lastly, Don’t Give up! Especially when trying to make a vegan version of your favorites, Once recipe might not work for you, but try another one! things will taste different, but It doesn’t’ take long to get used to it. You may fail a few times, like me but it is worth it in the end.

So there we go! There are definitely ways of being an unhealthy vegan, but personally I find it has made thing way better in my life! I hope you guys enjoyed this list and found it helpful. Please let me know which tips help you, or let me know if you have questions!



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