Extended Beauty routine, Zero waste style


I like to take care of my looks. Call me vain, and it’s true, I am! These are some of the extra beauty routines I do to keep my self looking fresh feeling nice. All are Zero or at least minimal waste.

Nail care

As a former esthetician this one I feel is important. Keeping your nails healthy and clean is a great way to lessen the need for nail polish, because you wont need to cover them up. so for a DIY manicure try the following!

Opt for a Stainless steel Cuticle nippers, Nail clippers, and Cuticle pusher. As well as here is the tricky one, A glass file. I cannot express how amazing using a glass file is. It runs smoothly and you don’t get that awful gritty feeling the seems like your skin is being torn apart.

All you need to to is soak your hands and or feet in some warm/hot water for a few min, Push your cuticles back, Clip the dead skin off(its should be lighter than the rest and look bunched up or like its peeling off), Clip your nails and file them(make sure they are straight across to avoid ingrown nails.), then lastly Clean under your nails with the other side of the pusher. Its as simple as that! also lotion and add oils to your nails at the end for a shiny smooth feeling. On average it takes me about 10 minutes to do both hands and feet. It may take a while to get used to the clipping of cuticles, but trust me you do not want to skip this step, it make all the difference. The links are the ones I use.

Cuticle Pusher

Nail clippers (awesome reverse rounded edges really make a difference)

Cuticle Nipper

Glass file

Body scrub

This is an easy one. Try once a week, stand in the tub before you turn on the shower/bath. Use a mixture of liquid and granules and scrub everywhere, before turning on the water. It will leave you feeling silky smooth and your skin will soak up more moisture, you will also get a closer shave.

Possibly ingredients are:

Liquids: Lemon juice, oil, Honey.

Granules: Sugar (brown or white), crushed seeds/ nut shells (not recommended for the face), coffee grounds, Salt, Epsom salts.

Just pick whichever you have on hand to save time, waste, and money!

Hair Oil

I suffer from an dry itchy scalp and frizzy hair once the winter kicks in, sometime even in the other seasons too. A great way to combat that is by every 1 or 2 weeks, pick an afternoon/evening that you don’t have to do anything. warm up a mixture of oils, Olive, Coconut, Vitamin E and essential oils, or whatever your feeling! don’t get it too hot! rub it into your scalp and run your fingers down the rest of your hair afterwards. once your hair is completely covered in oil wrap it or clip it up and do something else for a couple hours, or even over night! if you want adding heat is also very beneficial, so use your blow dryer to warm it up. The application is way nicer with a friend! something about having someone else rub your scalp is great!!!

Once your done with it, Rinse really well then wash your hair as normal, it might require an extra shampoo to get it clean.

Hair Styling

Beside using high levels of energy and electricity, blow drying and hot styling your hair, is really bad for it! it dries it out and makes it weak. try the Au natural look and your hair will thank you. I had a hard time accepting the way my natural hair looks, for years all I did was blow dry and straighten it (its naturally wavy), and I never really wanted to do it, but always felt it was necessary.

My suggestion is to experiment with no heat curls, braids and twists. there are tons of cool unique hair styles out there for all sorts of hair. take an hour or 2 whenever you can and just practice, It take a bit, but anyone can learn! all you need are some bobby bins and elastics. Maybe even some homemade hairspray. or even better is to tie your hair tie ribbons or cotton strips whenever possibly to avoid the elastic ones. Try some of the options below!

Braiding Tutorials

Or this one!

No heat waves!

And last but not least!

Last one for this post is just take care of yourself! say no to stressful situations, meditate, take a bath, Look at the things you but on and in your body, after all you are what you eat!. The #1 secret for clear skin is a healthy diet and exercise.

I’m sure I will have more tips is the future but for now that’s it! let me know what you think!


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