Party Mayhem

For those of you who don’t know, My Boyfriend is starting his own production company. This weekend we did a bunch of filming for the trailer of a TV show we are making. Through out the weekend there was a bit of waste, most I couldn’t avoid as it has to do with applying fantasy prosthetic makeup and such, and unfortunately there aren’t many alternatives.

The main amount of waste, was the after/thank you party. My boyfriend decided to get 3 huge platters from the grocery store, fruit and cheese, veggies and dip, and spinach dip with bread. All of these came in those huge round plastic shells. Next we had about 6 Pizzas, which I can recycle the boxes, but there is that liner that sits under the pizza, I am not sure if this can be recycled/composted and then the little plastic table to keep the lid from crushing the pizza. On top of all that we had plastic cups, plates, cutlery and bags from the pre made salad mixes. We had a couple of plastic bottles from various drink mixes. Over all it was a complete disaster in the Zero waste world. Unfortunately since we were out of town filming until about an hour before the party started, I couldn’t pre make all the platters from Scratch, which is the first natural solution, to one of the biggest issues. Secondly, I could have used some of our glasses from the house, but I didn’t want them to break, especially when there is beer pong, it is pretty much un avoidable to not have plastic cups. A lot of the other drink containers were recyclable, beer cans mostly.

Well next time we do something like this, I will try to prepare ahead of time the best that I can, Other wise I am at a loss for how to avoid waste at parties without sacrificing my dishes. Does anyone have experience with this? I could potentially wash all the plastic cups and use them until they break, but that ends up being a ton of work sometimes!

Its all about learning from your mistakes, I plan to use my won glass or ceramic cup at the next party, even possibly encourage others to do the same, and even bring my own utensils if possible.


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