Global Warming and the unseasonably warm weather

I live in a northern town in British Columbia, Canada. We are known for having those long cold, snow packed winters, everyone thinks are year long! They do span from generally October to March (if not longer). Although the temperature varies. To give you some perspective, I give you this photo!

snowplow-640x425 (Taken from Google Images)

That happens around Dec-Jan, when the snow builds up too much in the middle of the road. they have to scoop it up and haul it out of town. We usually have about a foot or so of snow by this time now in mid November. (not that I’m complaining, I would love to live with out this much snow!)

This year however we have had only 1 snow fall of about 2 inches! and it’s been melting ever since!

IMG_1650(current photo taken with my phone.)

I think this is a pretty good indication of the Effects of global warming. Most are signs they just tell you about, ice caps melting, higher temperature averages and what not. Well this is one you can see for your self!

I don’t claim to be an expert or to know any facts and numbers that have to do with this. I just go by what I can see. To me it looks like the world has a lot of work to do in reversing the effects we have on the environment.

It makes my heart happy to know that I am doing what I can to help the environment and inspiring others to do the same.

By living Zero waste or even just lessening your impact, you can make all the difference. Even if it seems pointless because how can one person make that much of a difference? Well just think about us all as one group! If all of us Zero wasters lived in one city, (how cool would that be?) Think about how clean and unpolluted it would be? The have said the same thing about Vegan/ Vegetarian when it first became popular for Ethical reasons. They said it wouldn’t make a difference in the long run, or the overall picture. Well now the movement and lifestyle has caught on and there are tons of people doing the same! and you save about 100 animals a year on average by switching, if that doesn’t make a difference I don’t know what will! 100 happy cows, chickens and pigs! can’t ask for more. I think the same thing can happen with Zero waste. While it might not make a difference now, Just wait until it catches on and more people start doing it, It will only get easier and better!


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