Attempted (but failed) Halloween Zero waste style!

imageSo I never intended to make a Halloween post, but someone on the Facebook page asked for posts so I thought, hey why not!

My costume this year Is going to be Sally Skellington from Nightmare before Christmas! I was very excited for it but It was anything but zero waste to get it! I ordered the costume and wig which came wrapped in plastic (of course!) and also I bought tights for the arms and legs which came with a cardboard wrapper! which is great, but also came with a plastic hanger type thing 😦 boo! I also had to dye the tights blue, which I was going to try a tutorial for dying with koolaid! and it totally flopped, sad to say I wasted about half a container of koolaid that I could have avoided buying in the first place, and ended up buying some tie dye instead (which worked great!) but it came in plastic bottles and wrapped in plastic again!

So on the whole It was very non Zero waste, the only good points are I can Reuse the costume again, I can use the wig for multiple costume, and I was able to steal some makeup from a friend instead of buying an entire container of my own. It will be a fun experience and i’m glad I did it, and hey I’m not perfect! reducing my waste in other ways is enough for me for now.

In other news I am going to make homemade Hummus and Pita bread for the party, so I avoided a plastic container and bag right there! I also plan to bring my own cup to avoid all the plastic ones, the good news is the party is in my landlord garage so I just have to go upstairs!

How does your Halloween compare?


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