Shampoo Bar for the win!

Recently I had the opportunity of going to Lush! it’s very exciting as they have a ton of stuff that is natural and un-packaged, and the don’t have one in the town I live.

Originally I was going to use the no poo method, but since I had the chance I decided to try out a shampoo bar.

If your like me and when you first heard the idea of a shampoo bar, It turned me off. I figured it would be like using bar soap which gives a bad feeling, residue or would dissolve way too quickly in your hand. I was joyously surprised when I first used mine. It gave a nice lather, didn’t dissolve right away in the water, and made my hair feel clean!I have to say I am impressed! It also looks like it will last quite a while, hopefully I won’t run into any problems with mold or anything like that.,en_CA,pd.html

I also love the price! $10 as opposed to the 50 bucks for professional 1L of shampoo!

I also bought one from rocky mountain soap company, I look forward to using this one next, once my lush one runs out.


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