Busy long Weekend!

For those of you who didn’t know this weekend was thanksgiving here in Canada! Me and my boyfriend and our 2 friends decided to car pool down to Edmonton for a Slash concert! So with living in a small town and getting the opportunity to go to a huge city means tons of shopping! How did this go being Zero Waste you might ask? surprisingly well actually. I made a list of things I needed and a list of things I wanted. I mostly only bought from the needed list as opposed to the want list. I didn’t end up going too much over board which I am incredibly proud of my self for doing!

I got my pair of Fall/Spring boots that I had been looking for, and they met all my requirements as well! grippy, warm, and waterproof. I also got another pair of tom type shoes for $8. I couldn’t say no because of the price and they are great slip on shoes for running out of the house quickly without having to tie up your laces every time.

I found a cheap fez  at the Halloween store to finally complete my 11th doctor Costume! but lo and behold, it had a plastic tag holder on it 😦

I also bought 3 tins of my favorite teas from Davids tea. The only waste on these would be the stickers. I can reuse the tins if I remember to bring them in next time.

I excitedly got 2 different shampoo bars to try out! 1 from lush (and a bath bomb) that both came waste free and a second one from Rocky mountain soap company which came with a waxy kind of paper which I don’t think is compostable.

I bought a princess dress for my step daughters second birthday! Merida is the obvious choice for a red headed girl don’t you think?

Lastly I got some fabric for a couple projects i am working on. I refused the plastic bag and just tossed everything in my backpack.

Final waste list

  • 3 Plastic tag holders and elastics from both pairs of shoes, and Merida dress, and Fez
  • 1 receipt from Fabric, and receipts from a couple of the other items that I didn’t get a choice on
  • paper cover from shampoo bar.
  • 3 stickers from Davids tea tins.
  • 2 plastic bags from shoes and dress.
  • 10 straws and napkins from various meals.
  • Lastly 2 Styrofoam take away containers. I lucked out and had one that was cardboard/paper.

Over all I would say this was a successful trip!


2 thoughts on “Busy long Weekend!

  1. Road trips have been my downfall. We did a trip to Vancouver Island (long drive for us) and I thought I prepped well enough, but going into analyze-mode afterwards I realized I could have done much better. Concert was good though? 😉

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