My first response back from a company about Eco packaging!

So before I started this Zerwaste lifestyle, I ordered a 6 month subscription to Urthbox! I gotta say I love it! the Urthbox its self comes in a Cardboard box with no other packaging…well besides all the delicious snacks inside. I decided after trying some wonderful freeze dried chocolate covered strawberries, that I would write to the company and see what their views on different packaging were!

I am pleased to say I got a pretty good response. See below. from Conillin Chocolates.

Thank you for reaching out to us, we really appreciate the feed back.  We are glad that you loved our Chocolate covered Freeze Dried Strawberries.  Currently our 1.25oz boxes are recyclable and use recyclable paper in their manufacturing. We hear you on the plastic bag aspect. We have been looking into Eco bags that break down or decompose quickly with minimum harm to the environment sense we created our product. Currently we have not found any Eco bags for our 1.25oz packaging that provide the moister and air/odor blocking needed for our freeze dried chocolates to stay fresh.  However we do have Eco friendly Kraft paper material bags for our 1 lbs size Panned and Toffee.  I hope this provides an answer to your question.  We look forward to having you enjoy our chocolates again in the future. Please help spread the word of our chocolates to friends and family.

While its not a solution, every bit helps when changing peoples minds and making them think differently about their packaging!
Has anyone else had any luck with contacting company’s?

One thought on “My first response back from a company about Eco packaging!

  1. When I ordered my handkerchiefs (from Öko créations, a small and local – for me – eco-friendly business), I asked for minimum packaging. I got a cardboard box, a compostable plastic bag (that I reused to keep my food waste in the freezer) and… scraps of fabric to fill the empty space in the box! I was really happy! 🙂

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