I have seen a lot of other people comment on blogs about Zero waste mainly Lauren Singer’s blog trash is for tossers. She has a great list of Items to replace so you don’t have plastic in your house, or to reduce waste. A few of the comments are saying the same thing, why do I need to replace that for that if it works just fine? Well a lot of people don’t really get what the list is about, It just giving you options for when you need to buy new stuff, not saying ‘hey go out right now and buy all new stuff!’. It’s giving you options for when things break or need replacing, options that are better for the environment. Like for example, a french press, one of the comments said: ‘Why should I buy a french press? I can just use reusable muslin filters, sound like you are trying to just sell a bunch of stuff.’ Well yes feel free to use muslin filters if that what works for you! no need to buy a whole new machine, It is just there to show you that there are ways of doing things without disposing of a bunch of useless plastic and other harmful things!

Another example is, plastic water bottles, a comment read Whats the harm in using a plastic water bottle if I use the same one over and over again? well there may or may not be any harm, eventually you either get tired of that one, lose it, or it breaks, then what? now there is plastic out there sitting in a landfill, Why not use that opportunity to buy a stainless steel one? Also you never know if any chemicals are seeping into your water while sitting in a plastic bottle, especially if it gets warm.

It’s all about replacement, and swapping. There is no need to go out and replace everything you own all at once, It’s about making better decisions when the time comes to replace things, Once your paper towel runs out, start using cloths, Once you run out of disposable razors spend a little extra and get a good quality permanent one, that you only need to change the blade, which can be recycled. Same goes for your tooth brush. for women, when your run out of tampons, pads, buy a diva cup or my favorite, the Ruby cup( they have an option to donate one to a girl in a third world country). Start bringing your own plate and cutlery to work, Once your Tupperware gets to dingy or unusable, buy mason jars, or a different alternative. Out of dryer sheets? make wool balls instead or buy them if you are not crafty.

Rant over for now haha!


Week one of the Meal Plan

I can’t do it! The food is so bland and gross! I have never dreaded actually having to eat food before. It is partly my own fault, since I did the cooking, not realizing how much work it was and getting flustered and forgetting spices and such. Partly it is my boyfriends fault since he is the one who wants to do this plan! Our day consists of plain egg whites and oatmeal. Black beans and sweet potato, Chicken Boiled brocolli and brown rice, Cod plain salad and boiled zucchini and 2 protein shakes! Can you say Blech?

I definately was not prepared for this. The only consultation is knowing I can switch it up at the end of this week! 4 more miserable days…

This next coming week though is looking a lot better food wise. I realized it is not necessary that we only eat plain brown rice, Chicken and Boiled green veggies. It is more about the eating 6 meals a day, Getting a lot of protein in each meal, and staying away from high calories sauces and processed foods, as well as cutting out all junk food for the next couple months.

I re-planned the whole next week-month and it looks way better! Now to just get through the weekend, and suffer slowly.

In other news more and more of my products are being used up, I am going to be making shampoo, conditioner, body wash and others, very soon! look forward to some tutorials!


Me and the husband started a body building meal plan this week, not that we are crazy body builders but we are hoping to slim down for photo shoots and movies.

It is a ton of work! I didn’t know I could own that many mason jars. It took me about 4 straight hours of cooking and chopping vegetables, to prep all our food for the week. Exhausting to say the least.

It was also pretty expensive, and not really waste friendly. With having about 3 packs of chicken breasts, and about 3 of cod, there was a ton of plastic waste!

Besides that I didn’t have any other waste except the yogurt container and plastic around the mason jars I bought.

On a side note, I am slowly but surely getting rid of all my clothes and other stuff I gave up. I had no luck in selling any items, I made about 20 bucks total, A lot of people said yeah I will take that item, and then never showed up. Infuriating! so My friends got to come look through everything and probably about half of it is gone already, It still feels a little cluttered, but I don’t think it will ever feel uncluttered as long as we are in this house and only have 2 bedrooms already filled with stuff!

I am still hopeful that next year we will be able to buy a house, but hearing everyone else’s stories, makes me nervous. It gets more and more expensive as time goes on! Lawyer fees, home inspections, renovations, mortgages! there is so much to look into! I can barely keep it all straight!

Life is crazy but my is it fun!

Out with the old and…no more new!

Yesterday I decided that I could very easily cut down on stuff! I have an overflowing dresser and closet, and I wear maybe 10-15 outfits on a regular basis. I was ruthless when It came to tossing, I probably am selling or donating 3/4’s of what I had lying around, now I have more room than I can imagine! I didn’t stop there either. I looked through my blanket collection (which is pretty hefty) and donated probably 3 or 4 blankets, I only kept the ones that were really comfy or special. I will probably also be donating pillows since I have about 10 extras, I will only keep maybe 3-4 for when we have guests.

Next up I am going through Winter stuff and kitchen utensils, we have about 50 knives, forks, and spoons, Why do we have so many??? The house is already starting to feel lighter and more spacious, I can’t wait to see if I can make some money off of this. If not then donations are always great!

What am I left with? well I have about 10 tanks and tees, plus a couple long sleeves and over shirts. 4 pairs of pants, 4 pairs of leggings, 2 skirts, 3 pairs of shorts, 3 sweaters, 3 onseies as well as 1 other pair of PJ’s, and 4 jackets (one for each season). Plus enough bras, underwear and socks to last just over a week. Lastly I have about 2 gym outfits and a yoga one.

Oh and also shoes! How could I forget, I have 1 pair of winter boots, 3 pairs of sandals(flip flops, comfier flip flops, nice er going out sandals) 1 pair of running shoes, 2 pairs of high heels, Hiking boots, 1 pair of toms, and my black flats.

Only about 60 items left! not bad if you ask me, seeing as how I have +150 items to give away or sell!

It gotta say, it feels great not be surrounded by the clutter that always bugs me. The only thing I don’t think I have the heart to give up is my books, I have tried the e-reader but its just not the same.