Wasteful grocery shopping

Isn’t there a saying, something like if you want it done right you have to do it yourself? (Be warned this post is mostly a rant but maybe you can give me a helpful tip or 2!)

Yeah that was how I felt this weekend. My boyfriend graciously offered to go grocery shopping for me this weekend. I figured sure why not? he knows I am trying to cut down on plastic and waste.

I couldn’t be more wrong! He came back with almost everything wrapped in plastic after I told him to use the reusable bags I sent with him. I have some cloth produce bags I keep in there as well, but he didn’t even bother using them. Even the bunches of celery came wrapped in a different piece of plastic which is a completely unnecessary waste!

Well I definitely learned my lesson this week, which was starting to look so good! I managed to convince him to let me plan only vegetarian meals this week which would have cut down on the majority of the waste we still do produce, and yet he managed to reverse this process by double!

Does anyone else have this issue with their partner? probably just me haha!

Well in other better news, he did offer to take everything out to donation finally! and he even said he would help me reorganize the house and maybe we will actually cut down on the clutter. I guess he is not all bad!


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