Getting Closer!

This weekend, I went grocery shopping as usually, and I got really close to Zero waste! I know unfortunately it will be impossible to go zero waste, due to my boyfriend being resistant to going vegetarian.IMG_1397 So we have here 3 Styrofoam trays from the meat, plastic wrap from the meat, plastic bags from the lentils(forgot my jar) and the wraps. Plastic packaging for the goat cheese, Plastic cap from my maple syrup (the bottle is glass) and finally the container of sour cream.

11 items in total. I did have a few other items that had packaging, but it was all recyclable, Cans, Cardboard egg cartons, etc..

Eventually I would like to have chickens so I can get fresh eggs, but first I need a house! until then, I am trying to find someone I can get eggs from here in town.

Maybe I will even try making my own wraps next time we need them.

Until next time!


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