Sewing while Zero waste

Where do I begin? When I decided to start a Zero waste lifestyle, I was worried about losing out on my hobbies, like sewing and other crafts. How was I going to manage both?

I have started by going through my old clothes and bedding, finding what I don’t need or want or use. Then I try to re purpose it for a another project if I can, before finally donating it if not. I even went as far as to use scraps, and random peices of let over fabrics/shirts, to create a whole other peice of fabric. It is a litttle rough but not actually that bad! I was able to create a whole other bag from scraps of the previous bags I had made. The only waste from this project was a few tiny pieces of fabric and some old thread! what a great feeling, knowing I can potentially acheive both waste free and keep my hobbies!

Another solution is instead of buying new fabrics, try looking at the local shops or ask your friends for old stuff, before going to buy new. I am currently attempting to make a jumpsuit for a costume out of an old sheet a friend gave me. So far so good! I just need to learn how to sew pants haha! Unfortunately I only have 1 option for both thrift shops and craft/sewing supply stores in town.

My next thing to check out is if the fabric store in town has any organic/free trade fabrics! here’s hoping.

until next time


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