So over the weekend I have seen 2 videos that really spoke to me about why we shouldn’t produce waste, specifically plastic waste, as it is the most harmful.

It’s all about other people and animals. It’s hard to think past how it affects just you. Why would I do something that’s inconvenient to me, it’s easier to just throw it out then to find a place that recycles that item. A lot of people have this attitude as well as: well life is short so why shouldn’t I live the way I want.

It’s not a bad thing to do this, but you also have to think about the ways it will affect your future, or you kids/grand kids futures. By throwing away uneaten food, it is a complete waste! That is perfectly good food that can be shared with those in need instead of just thrown into the compost or garbage. This video is a great example of how we can fix this.

The second video I saw was about how throwing away plastic and garbage can affect the rest of the world in a bad way, mainly the ocean. It is really unfortunate how ignorant people can be in how they are effecting the world without even realizing it. I hope for a better future when people realize and start to care about how their life can effect everything.


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