All the things!

It never fails when you leave work for a few days that’s when the stuff you ordered all comes in!

I now am the proud owner of a biodegradable yoga mat from Prana. This was a fantastic birthday gift from my mom 🙂

IMG_1355 Its so pretty!!!

I also attempted making toothpaste! I used 2 tbsp of coconut oil, 1 tbsp of baking soda, about 30 drops of spearmint oil, and I also added 2 capsules of charcoal for whitening. My first attempt was this morning. It actually wasn’t bad! A little salty and it didn’t foam like normal toothpaste, but my teeth looked and felt clean.

IMG_1357 I even put it in a cute jar i got from my cousins wedding 🙂

IMG_1358 I also received in the mail, my bamboo compostable toothbrushes, and my stainless steel straws!

Looks like i’m off to a great start at this lifestyle!


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