Getting Closer!

This weekend, I went grocery shopping as usually, and I got really close to Zero waste! I know unfortunately it will be impossible to go zero waste, due to my boyfriend being resistant to going vegetarian.IMG_1397 So we have here 3 Styrofoam trays from the meat, plastic wrap from the meat, plastic bags from the lentils(forgot my jar) and the wraps. Plastic packaging for the goat cheese, Plastic cap from my maple syrup (the bottle is glass) and finally the container of sour cream.

11 items in total. I did have a few other items that had packaging, but it was all recyclable, Cans, Cardboard egg cartons, etc..

Eventually I would like to have chickens so I can get fresh eggs, but first I need a house! until then, I am trying to find someone I can get eggs from here in town.

Maybe I will even try making my own wraps next time we need them.

Until next time!


Sewing while Zero waste

Where do I begin? When I decided to start a Zero waste lifestyle, I was worried about losing out on my hobbies, like sewing and other crafts. How was I going to manage both?

I have started by going through my old clothes and bedding, finding what I don’t need or want or use. Then I try to re purpose it for a another project if I can, before finally donating it if not. I even went as far as to use scraps, and random peices of let over fabrics/shirts, to create a whole other peice of fabric. It is a litttle rough but not actually that bad! I was able to create a whole other bag from scraps of the previous bags I had made. The only waste from this project was a few tiny pieces of fabric and some old thread! what a great feeling, knowing I can potentially acheive both waste free and keep my hobbies!

Another solution is instead of buying new fabrics, try looking at the local shops or ask your friends for old stuff, before going to buy new. I am currently attempting to make a jumpsuit for a costume out of an old sheet a friend gave me. So far so good! I just need to learn how to sew pants haha! Unfortunately I only have 1 option for both thrift shops and craft/sewing supply stores in town.

My next thing to check out is if the fabric store in town has any organic/free trade fabrics! here’s hoping.

until next time


So over the weekend I have seen 2 videos that really spoke to me about why we shouldn’t produce waste, specifically plastic waste, as it is the most harmful.

It’s all about other people and animals. It’s hard to think past how it affects just you. Why would I do something that’s inconvenient to me, it’s easier to just throw it out then to find a place that recycles that item. A lot of people have this attitude as well as: well life is short so why shouldn’t I live the way I want.

It’s not a bad thing to do this, but you also have to think about the ways it will affect your future, or you kids/grand kids futures. By throwing away uneaten food, it is a complete waste! That is perfectly good food that can be shared with those in need instead of just thrown into the compost or garbage. This video is a great example of how we can fix this.

The second video I saw was about how throwing away plastic and garbage can affect the rest of the world in a bad way, mainly the ocean. It is really unfortunate how ignorant people can be in how they are effecting the world without even realizing it. I hope for a better future when people realize and start to care about how their life can effect everything.

Back to Buisness

Wow! what a long couple of weeks! First I was off for a week, then back for 3 days, then off for a work trip for another 3 days! I will finally be back to a regular schedule.

Just before I left, I started work on organizing the kitchen! What a challenge! First off for those of you who don’t know, we are renting a basement suite from friends and they never finished the kitchen before we moved in, that means plywood counter tops(yuck!) no ceiling and no upper cabinets, or doors on lower cabinets.we are luck we have a sink, dishwasher and oven hooked up! It also means we don’t have a pantry. All of our dry food is in a pretty inaccessible place, its a really deep corner cupboard. Totally frustrating when you need to find something and you have to pull up a flashlight on your phone just to see and try to dig through everything, just to realize you don’t actually have it! We also are limited on what crappy counter space we do have!

So what can I do to fix it while we are waiting to get it finished, and also try to cut down on packaging?

I am going to have Alex build me a shelf! something where I can put all my bulk jars on display and also a few other items that we don’t have room for on the precious counter space.

so far I am off to a good start, at least I think so, running out of packaged products slowly but surely, I have everything ready to go to make new stuff when the time comes 🙂

Gold mine!

Stumbled across this little beauty today! this is the most amazing site I have ever seen! the have so many great ideas and ways of recycling!

I especially love the Zero waste boxes! there are so many different ones, for Items that I would never have thought to recycle!

The city I live in really needs to change. They are only getting curbside recycling this September. there is no place for composting, unless you have a back yard of your own. There is so much waste here, I often feel like I am the only one who tries to cut down. I think I will start looking into a city wide compost, maybe see if the schools will start bringing in the Zero waste boxes. Or maybe I can start something myself once I get a place of my own.

So many plans and ideas coming in! I am excited to see what happens

All the things!

It never fails when you leave work for a few days that’s when the stuff you ordered all comes in!

I now am the proud owner of a biodegradable yoga mat from Prana. This was a fantastic birthday gift from my mom 🙂

IMG_1355 Its so pretty!!!

I also attempted making toothpaste! I used 2 tbsp of coconut oil, 1 tbsp of baking soda, about 30 drops of spearmint oil, and I also added 2 capsules of charcoal for whitening. My first attempt was this morning. It actually wasn’t bad! A little salty and it didn’t foam like normal toothpaste, but my teeth looked and felt clean.

IMG_1357 I even put it in a cute jar i got from my cousins wedding 🙂

IMG_1358 I also received in the mail, my bamboo compostable toothbrushes, and my stainless steel straws!

Looks like i’m off to a great start at this lifestyle!