Lets talk about Plastic

So useful, yet so bad for us. Practically everything seems to have some sort of plastic in it or around it for packaging, It’s hard to get away from it all. There are many reasons to switch to zero waste or natural products, in an attempt to avoid it. I’m going to explain a little bit about why you should avoid plastic.

Can it be properly recycled? No not really, when you recycle a plastic bottle from that juice you just drank, it gets melted down and reused for something completely different, not remade into another plastic bottle, The term recycling when talking to plastic is not really true. They still use virgin plastic for things like pop bottles.


It is definitely something you still want to “recycle” though instead of it going into a landfill.

It is also a lot more complicated that just all plastic lumped together. there are so many different kinds that some of it probably still gets thrown out because it cant be used again.

SO much plastic and other garbage ends up in the ocean where it will harm sea life in all aspects, It will sit on the ocean floor and never disintegrate.

A lot of people are probably thinking, well I already have Tupperware and plastic water bottles that will last me a long time so why should I buy all new stuff that’s stainless steel, glass or wood? Well in my opinion, everything dies eventually, yes your plastic containers will last you a while, but how long? a couple years maybe? Eventually you will find an excuse to throw it out, it’s looking old or got cracked or whatever. Why not switch when you get a chance and give your old stuff away to someone who might need it, before it’s done?

Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to go to the recycling depot every other week? or even have to put your recycling/garbage out to the curb every week? why not cut down on waste and even recycling. It save you time and money in the end, and always helps the environment.



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