Bags upon bags!

This week I spent pretty much ll my free time making reusable bags, I now have about 5 produce bags and 2 bread bags, and 3 Ziploc bags( still need liners). I swear my finger will go numb from all the sewing!

I am proud to say I made pretty much zero waste! I used old t-shirts I had lying around, I even used the sleeves and other scrap bits to make another bag by stitching them into a square. It’s not as pretty as the other bags but it is still functional.

Also I did an almost waste free or I guess less waste than normal, grocery shop. I was a couple produce bags short, as well I realized a few of the things I buy I will have to find another solution for, Because we don’t carry it in bulk here in 2 issues were for frozen fruit and quinoa (of all things). I will have to start buying fresh fruit eventually and freezing it! this will almost be better though because all the mixed bags come with blueberries, of which I am not a fan. The quinoa I don’t buy it very often anyways so it might not be a problem.

I am looking forward to getting my mason jars this week! and hopefully more of the stuff I ordered will come in too!


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