Spend, Spend, Spend,

The start up for this is looking kind of expensive, it seems like I will be going against what I am trying to do by buying a whole bunch of products! Its also adding up on the credit card quickly. I have to remind my self that even though I am spending a lot now, it means I won’t have to keep buying products later.

This might be the hardest part for everyone when starting a project like this, there is so much! everything in my house needs to be replaced or changed. It is getting to be overwhelming. my advice is to plan it out and do things one at a time. As you run out of something, make it instead of going out to buy it, eventually things will all become how you want it, one at a time.

Here are some of the things I made already with stuff I had around the house!

IMG_1338 I made 2 reusable bread bags, and 4 sandwich/snack bags so far, I still need some rip stop nylon for the inside and some buttons. looks like i will be heading to the thrift shop! these didn’t cost my anything to make, I had the thread and fabric from Christmas.

I also bought my self a stainless steel water bottle! no more plastic bottles for me! my grill mats and reusable cotton pads (for taking off makeup and other bathroom needs) came in as well!

Grillaholics-Grill-Mats these will be great for replacing parchment paper/ tinfoil when cooking and baking!

I am still waiting on a few more products to come in, I will be posting pictures as soon as I get them!


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