The Starting Point

Well it all started when I saw a video about how a girl had a small mason jar filled with all the garbage she used in the last 2 years! That’s it, all that crap in one little jar, how you might ask? by going green and living cleanly.
I have been seeing a lot of posts like that and I love the idea of making my own products. So i decided to start!
Today I began by making a list of everything I wanted to make, beauty and cleaning products mostly, and all the ideas I have for things I can do to reduce waste and emissions.
Each time I post I will (hopefully) have a new project or product to show you that I made or incorporated into my life!
The biggest challenge I will face is by boyfriend, I don’t think he will want to bother, he already doesn’t like recycling, and that’s only the basics!
Never the less I will prevail!
I hope to share my journey, methods I used and a review of the product I have made and see how its working out in my life. some of the things to look forward to are:
All natural beauty products
All natural cleaning products
Tips and tricks for integrating other options into the home.
Cutting back on waste
Buying locally
and more!
Well I am off to the store to go buy some ingredients for my new all natural products!

Watch the inspiring video below


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